Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lolita and Bodyline Review

You've seen Lolita. You've heard Lolita. But what exactly is Lolita? Here is the definition of Lolita that I got from this Lolita website:

Lolita is a Japanese street fashion inspired primarily by the clothing and general aesthetics of the Rococo and Victorian periods.

Lolita is a lifestyle, to some people. I wish to have a Lolita lifestyle, but with a baby, it's not easy. Especially when you are living in the States and constantly have to buy overseas or you don't live near a Japantown. But anywho, I dreamed of being a Lolita, even if it's for a day. And for that one day, I want to show others how it's not all costume or cosplay like (which is a HUGE no-no to Lolita, more details on that website). So for Halloween, I plan on being a Lolita, staying as true as I can.

But alas, I think I made my first mistake for buying at Bodyline. Hardcore Lolitas are against Bodyline, because of the cheap fabric, copied patterns, and the length of the dress/skirt. I, for one, thought it was cheap, acceptable, and because I am still a beginner, thought it looked good. So here's my review for Bodyline...

I shopped on Saturday (10/17) night, around 8 PM, central time. After placing an order, I thought "Okay, it might arrive just in time for Halloween." On Sunday, I got an email saying it's sent, and is well on it's way. The shipping is provided by DHL, which also has tracking. So throughout Sunday and Monday, I kept a close eye on the tracking. Around 2 AM today, I saw it's in Texas! Wow, fast shipping indeed! I got so excited.

The package came around 2 PM and I jumped with glee. It was carefully packaged, and neatly folded in this bag/package:
And the dress, overall, is adorable and cute! I heard constantly on the net that the fabric Bodyline have is shiny. Upon inspection, it doesn't look shiny. Especially if you are standing far away, or even right next to the person. But if you inspected VERY closely, about an inch away from the fabric, you can see a bit of shine. But isn't that what polyester does? Make fabric shiny? This dress is made out of cotton polyester, which I don't see much shine except from the ribbons.
The dress is one size, which I'll admit, is a bit of a downer, because you don't get to choose your size. But it seemed to fit me perfectly! You can adjust because it's elastic, and the laced ribbons on the back is adjustable, of course. The skit lenght covers well over my knees, which is a HUGE yes for Lolita dresses. So I guess, if you are tall, it wouldn't work. But since I'm short, it's on my side.

Along with the dress, it came with a small hat and apron. I don't plan on wearing the hat, or the apron... Tho the apron made me a bit unsure because it said Alice in Wonderland... If I've known that, I should've gotten blue instead of pink!
Overall, Bodyline is a thumbs-up for me. But if I want to make Lolita as a lifestyle, I guess I wouldn't go there. But wearing this once or twice, I am highly satisfied!