Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not Handmade Enough

So, today was a pretty bad day, for me. Although I got a sale in, and three sales two days ago, it still hurts me. But then again, it's something that I question myself.

As many people know, there are anime conventions, which I planned on attending to sell and just have fun. As I joined one of their forums, I asked if it's alright to sell scrabble tile pendants (very popular on Etsy!). After stating I would make my own images, they said no. It's not handmade enough. Which I was pretty disheartened. Is it really not handmade enough? Or is it because they have strict rules? I mean, making a scrabble tile pendant is not just gluing a piece of paper onto a scrabble tile; it's gluing it, cutting it, securing it with a layer of mod podge, sanding it, adding glaze to it, sanding it some more, and letting it dry for a couple of days (or so I've read).

I asked some friends and aquaintances and apparently, every con is different. Obviously, the one I planned on attending (and one of the oldest, biggest ones ever) wants everything made from scratch. It's strict on the rules. So I'm sad to say, I'm going to drop out of the anime convention and venture out craft shows (which I would like to know if there's any in the DFW area..).

So, on the note of "handmade"... What does 'handmade' mean to you? Is it something completely from scratch? Or is something you put it together with your own hands? Obviously, I'm on a route where it's put together with my own hands, but it's filled with love and time and care. So, is it really handmade? Or did I get help?

Oh I hope I don't lose my way in Etsy...