Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not Handmade Enough

So, today was a pretty bad day, for me. Although I got a sale in, and three sales two days ago, it still hurts me. But then again, it's something that I question myself.

As many people know, there are anime conventions, which I planned on attending to sell and just have fun. As I joined one of their forums, I asked if it's alright to sell scrabble tile pendants (very popular on Etsy!). After stating I would make my own images, they said no. It's not handmade enough. Which I was pretty disheartened. Is it really not handmade enough? Or is it because they have strict rules? I mean, making a scrabble tile pendant is not just gluing a piece of paper onto a scrabble tile; it's gluing it, cutting it, securing it with a layer of mod podge, sanding it, adding glaze to it, sanding it some more, and letting it dry for a couple of days (or so I've read).

I asked some friends and aquaintances and apparently, every con is different. Obviously, the one I planned on attending (and one of the oldest, biggest ones ever) wants everything made from scratch. It's strict on the rules. So I'm sad to say, I'm going to drop out of the anime convention and venture out craft shows (which I would like to know if there's any in the DFW area..).

So, on the note of "handmade"... What does 'handmade' mean to you? Is it something completely from scratch? Or is something you put it together with your own hands? Obviously, I'm on a route where it's put together with my own hands, but it's filled with love and time and care. So, is it really handmade? Or did I get help?

Oh I hope I don't lose my way in Etsy...


  1. Woah, that's a weird strict rule. Those Scrabble Tiles are awesome, and what's awesomer you are planning to make your own image! I wanna see!

    As for handmade, you gotta start somewhere. We can't make ALL our supplies from scratch. Handmade to me means something you have made with your own two hands, had time, patience, and devotion to create this item. Also, it makes you feel happy, and whomever recieves this item will know how much love you put in them. So, maybe you did get a little help from supplies, but you've created something out of it. Besides, you start off with other stuff like paper or clay, cabs, etc =P Do they want you to grow a tree and cut it down to make a scrabble tile out of it?

    On the contary, you can't make something from scratch unless it's food [but you'd have to buy all the necessities too] o_o; or you're a big giant company who can produce plastic stuff.

    To make things short, you need some stuff in order to make it into something beautiful. And what makes it even more beautiful AND unique, is the person taking those bits and pieces together to make it into something special for another ^__^

    Sorry that's long o_O;

    Looooove, PrincessChibi

  2. Okie! So I was having a flashback on my friends' gifts to me for my birthday! For my 21st bday, I had an 80's theme bday, and I told them I want handmade gifts. Not all of them are majoring in art or really did much of art, but wow! They were all creative!!! I'll just point out some of them:

    -One of my friend gave me a basket filled with jars of ingredients and recipes. How is that handmade? He put them all together and knew I love to bake! Also, he was the one who found the cute jars and poured the ingredients in them, and typed up the labels. Yes he had to buy some stuff and search, but just his idea was so sweet! He brought all those things together for me! He took the time to do all that and was thoughtful of how much I like to bake :]

    -A friend made me a handmade birthday card! It was sooo cute! She printed a pic of us, got some Michael's or Target's scrapbook supplies. Even though she bought all those things, she put them together and made such a sweet bday card! It made me cry =']

    -Lol, this one friend of mine gave me a cute wooden flower[obviously from michael's xD haha cause I go there too much], but I knew she painted it, put google eyes, and put a pic of us at the stem ^__^ Totally handmade! Very very thoughtful!

    I had more gifts, but these were good examples, but wow! They were definetly creative! All my friends are. I was so amazed of everything. I did get some store gifts, and I love them too, but the handmade gifts, all of them, showed me how much time, effort, and love they put in them, even if they aren't the type to really do art stuff, but they took the time for me and did an awesome job!

    =] hope that makes you feel better! And this was before I got into Etsy too!

    In all, handmade stuff is what comes from the heart and made with two hands.

  3. Hey there! I do cons, myself, and have for..oh man, over a decade now. I'm old! I think I can guess which con it is you're talking about, too. Here are some things I noticed being sold in the artist's alley at THE oldest anime con in Texas this year:
    prints on keychains
    shrunk-plastic originals
    latex work on earrings
    cinnamon-paper scrolls
    painted canvas sneakers
    stuffed felt toys

    So I really don't know what anyone's on about.
    One thought: If you described your product as "scrabble tile pendants", they may have thought the tiles on strings were what you were planning to sell. Your art using the tile as a base is another thing entirely, and frankly I've never been sure why people who obscure the tile that way call them such...but I'm drifting.ANYWay. Even if certain people are poops, don't hesitate to check out other cons! Heck, it a good idea to just visit a convention if you're thinking of selling there.

    I'll be at Animefest in a couple weeks-- maybe I'll see you there! :D Feel free to email me with any con-questions, too. I'm always eager to get someone else addicted!