Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Back to School!

First off, Happy Back to School to the people I know that are going back to school today!! Today is my sister's first day in 8th grade, her last year in junior high. Many luck to you, even tho you don't need it!

And to make this day even better, I got a hand drill yesterday! One of my best friends (also godfather to my daughter) took me to Wal-mart and searched high and low for the perfect one. Usually, we would be able to find it right away, but they changed everything AND there was a lot of kids shopping for school supplies! So I got it! Yaaaay! Along with that, got some acrylic paint for my clay products (demo run to see what I can sell at the anime conventions).

Well, just a quick update. Gotta go make dinner now!!

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