Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Features: Candychick

Candychick (aka The Candy Shoppe) as FEATURED SELLER

Recently, I revived this blog while updating everything I can and signing up for myspace. As I favorited some shops and adding friends, I came across Candychick, or Candice. She helped me with the idea of doing a show and promoting my shop. With her helping me, I decided to return the favor and feature her! So let's welcome her! She is my first featured seller! What a winner! :)

Me: Tell us a bit about yourself.
Candychick: My name is Candice Ware, from Toronto Ontario, Canada. I'm a grad from the animation program at Seneca College this past April. I am working on "The Princess and the Frog", a Disney movie that's coming out on your Thanksgiving. The company I work for is called Yowza at the moment.

Me: Whoa, that sounds pretty neat!! Can't wait for that movie to come out now! So what do you do in your shop? What do you offer?
Candychick: Mini food jewelry. I started doing it for me and would wear it to work (The Body Shop) and almost everyday, people would ask me where I got the ring or where they could get one. So I thought, 'Alright, I guess I should start making them for other people' and that's when I fell upon Etsy in Aug. And that's how I started. What I like to think is different from others is that I scent my items. Most of the time, it's vanilla, but I do have other scents for clients to pick from if they want something customized.

Me: Wowie, that makes me want to buy one now! I love the scent of vanilla! So, describe the process of creating your items: how, when, materials, etc.?
Candychick: I have to be in the mood to want to make something and have to get inspired. That's when I get to work. I pull out my fimo clay and start mixing colors and putting together my mini items. Most of the time, I make more than one so it takes much less time. After the whole baking and cooling, I spray a clear coat of finish so that it's waterproof. On all my fimo items, I make sure to make an extra one for me so I can quality test it. I just want to make sure that I can stand behind all my work.

Me: That's a lot of work, but it seems like it's worth it! So, got other hobbies that you love?
Candychick: Oh yes. I also love to paint and I hope to have a show ith my paintings soon. You can find a lot of work on my deviantart account. I also am part of a gaia, a little online forum community where I draw other people's avis for gaia gold. I have a lot of fun. I do a lot of things I like to keep busy. I want to put more of my painting skills with my photography skills on canvas together, something different.
Me: In your opinion, do you think there's a lot of competition in miniature food jewelry/accessories?
Candychick: I feel that there is on the internet! But I find when I do shows in Toronto, or when I worked in customer service, people would ask me about my minis. They thought it was so innovative that they have never seen anything like it before and they love the idea. So it's all about where you market it.

Me: Very true! Do you have any promotions going on now?
Candychick: Well, I have an ongoing one for anyone that lives in Canada. If you buy over three items, the shipping is free. Also, if you spend over $20, you get a free item. I don't have any other promotions since I have a show coming up.

Me: What's your top 5 favorite bands/singers? And top five websites?
Candychick: Top 5 bands/singers: Tegan and Sara, Paramore, MGMT, Namie Amuro, Akon
Top 5 websites: Gaia online, etsy, twitter, cute overlod, devianart

Me: Awesome! Now, other than your etsy shop, what other shops do you like/love?
Candychick: DecoAlley - she is also from Ontario, I love her work.
beautifulwork - a real sweetheart, sweet woman that sells lots of kawaii items.
esmeraldadesigns - she helped me out when I was new and gave me good davice on how to start a shop.
VulvaLoveLovely - I love this woman's work, what a different way to show off women's beauty! (PARENTAL ADVISE)

Me: Okay, last question, where do you see yourself in ten years?
Candychick: Well, I hope to be married and maybe have a baby if my partner and I are well off. I still want to be working in animation, always painting in shows, and traveling. This fall, I am taking a train to BC and back before I travel anywhere else. I just thought I should travel to my home before I go anywhere else.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Boobie pads and giveaways

Yay! More things I got in the past came in! Whoohoo!!

About a week before mother's day, I did a little shopping to treat myself on my first motherly holiday. Of course, I went to etsy, and remembered meeting BabyOReally. She sells nursing pads for pregnant or lactating moms. Personally, I decided to feed my daughter Lilly with breastmilk the moment I found out I was pregnant. If I knew about etsy AND BabyOReally, I would've bought this sooner!! Anywho. I ordered 7 nursing pads for Mother's Day. I was so excited, that I forgot to read about the 7-10 business days of it made to order. Bah, that's plently of time. One month later, it finally arrived. Although I'm a bit sad it took so long, the moment I saw the packaging and the lovely pads, I didn't care. It was beautifully packaged and came with lovely gifts. Almost immediately, I wore one of them. Then I realized, "oh crap, I'm suppose to blog about this!" Oh well. The one I'm wearing now is this one here: Rhapsody nursing pad.. turquoise with brown polka dots. I must say, it's so soft and comfortable! Much better than disposable nursing pads! I highly recommend this to future moms! But be caution, it does take a long time! So order ahead :) Also, it came with freebies! Tea bag, soap bits, recipes...

I forgot what happened... But I won some sort of giveaway I think... It happened so fast... I saw fifiswhimsies in a chat room, all alone. I didn't even bother to read the room title, I just jumped in. She said that I won, and I'm like "whaaaa?". Anywho, I won! YAAY! I really need to remember what it was about... Anywho, the prize came in today and it's sooo adorable! A lovely reindeer plush ornament to hang on your Christmas tree! Whoohoo!! Wonderfully handpainted and lovely details. Also, so cute!

FS room... It's an addiction sometimes. At the time, I had chapped lips and paradisesunrise was up with great deals. I thought "What the hey, let's buy some chapstick". I didn't get FS (of course), so like it matters. After browsing around, I landed onto my favorite drink flavor: strawberry lemonade. I got it around 1 PM today... it's now 6 PM and my lips are still kind of moist. I bet if I put on some more now, it'll be even better. Lovely and works well (so far)!
In other news: a HUGE storm passed the Fort Worth-Dallas area today. It was quite scary, and made poor little Lilly cry all night. Thankfully, it's gone and I hope to get a good night's rest. If not, I'm doomed.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


(Two posts in one day?! I must be on a roll!!)

I just love love LOVE cabochons.. so cute and wonderful :) I think I was browsing through Time Machine 2 on etsy, and came across one of the listings that just sold. And I was like "Oooo, cabochons.. let's check out this shop!!" Hence, I entered Tomoko.

Like the title says, cabochons galore! Lots of sets, even though, as it says, it's B-grade. I didn't care, I wanted it! So I purchased some and waited patiently... That was on June 4. Today (June 10), it arrived! What fast shipping!! I got so excited, that I just opened it right outside, haha! The mowers outside was wondering why I was so weird... It was just so cute and outstanding! Some did look like it's B-grade, but most aren't! I'm highly satisfied and can't wait to turn these into lovely jewelry or decorative stuff!
Even got some freebies, whoohoo!! :D

Btw, I'll mention this again: YART SALE!! Everything's gotta go and I'm making a whole new shop! :D Thanks all for your time!


Come one, come all! I'm participating in the annual Yart Sale on etsy! EVERYTHING is on sale, 50%! That way, I can get rid of some stuff and start anew. Whole new collection line. :)

Ready, set, go!

ONLY from the 10th to 14th.


Monday, June 8, 2009

I want to hear your opinion/suggestions!

After talking with Candychick, I've decided to do a show. And to start off, I'm going to try and get into an anime convention down in Austin TX. It's about a good 5 hour drive, and I don't mind one bit. I LOVE Austin. And not for 6th Street! I'm a Longhorns fan and have lots of friends in UT right now.

The anime convention is called IkkiCon. It looks pretty good also the booth costs are not too bad. It starts in January, a bit of time away. But it's something that I can prepare for without rushing.

So, what do you guys think? Any suggestions on how to make this somewhat successful or any advice? I would like to hear them all!