Thursday, June 11, 2009

Boobie pads and giveaways

Yay! More things I got in the past came in! Whoohoo!!

About a week before mother's day, I did a little shopping to treat myself on my first motherly holiday. Of course, I went to etsy, and remembered meeting BabyOReally. She sells nursing pads for pregnant or lactating moms. Personally, I decided to feed my daughter Lilly with breastmilk the moment I found out I was pregnant. If I knew about etsy AND BabyOReally, I would've bought this sooner!! Anywho. I ordered 7 nursing pads for Mother's Day. I was so excited, that I forgot to read about the 7-10 business days of it made to order. Bah, that's plently of time. One month later, it finally arrived. Although I'm a bit sad it took so long, the moment I saw the packaging and the lovely pads, I didn't care. It was beautifully packaged and came with lovely gifts. Almost immediately, I wore one of them. Then I realized, "oh crap, I'm suppose to blog about this!" Oh well. The one I'm wearing now is this one here: Rhapsody nursing pad.. turquoise with brown polka dots. I must say, it's so soft and comfortable! Much better than disposable nursing pads! I highly recommend this to future moms! But be caution, it does take a long time! So order ahead :) Also, it came with freebies! Tea bag, soap bits, recipes...

I forgot what happened... But I won some sort of giveaway I think... It happened so fast... I saw fifiswhimsies in a chat room, all alone. I didn't even bother to read the room title, I just jumped in. She said that I won, and I'm like "whaaaa?". Anywho, I won! YAAY! I really need to remember what it was about... Anywho, the prize came in today and it's sooo adorable! A lovely reindeer plush ornament to hang on your Christmas tree! Whoohoo!! Wonderfully handpainted and lovely details. Also, so cute!

FS room... It's an addiction sometimes. At the time, I had chapped lips and paradisesunrise was up with great deals. I thought "What the hey, let's buy some chapstick". I didn't get FS (of course), so like it matters. After browsing around, I landed onto my favorite drink flavor: strawberry lemonade. I got it around 1 PM today... it's now 6 PM and my lips are still kind of moist. I bet if I put on some more now, it'll be even better. Lovely and works well (so far)!
In other news: a HUGE storm passed the Fort Worth-Dallas area today. It was quite scary, and made poor little Lilly cry all night. Thankfully, it's gone and I hope to get a good night's rest. If not, I'm doomed.

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