Wednesday, June 10, 2009


(Two posts in one day?! I must be on a roll!!)

I just love love LOVE cabochons.. so cute and wonderful :) I think I was browsing through Time Machine 2 on etsy, and came across one of the listings that just sold. And I was like "Oooo, cabochons.. let's check out this shop!!" Hence, I entered Tomoko.

Like the title says, cabochons galore! Lots of sets, even though, as it says, it's B-grade. I didn't care, I wanted it! So I purchased some and waited patiently... That was on June 4. Today (June 10), it arrived! What fast shipping!! I got so excited, that I just opened it right outside, haha! The mowers outside was wondering why I was so weird... It was just so cute and outstanding! Some did look like it's B-grade, but most aren't! I'm highly satisfied and can't wait to turn these into lovely jewelry or decorative stuff!
Even got some freebies, whoohoo!! :D

Btw, I'll mention this again: YART SALE!! Everything's gotta go and I'm making a whole new shop! :D Thanks all for your time!

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