Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy November!

Hello everyone! November is upon us and I can feel the cold coming in, literally! Texas is getting freezing cold and I'm definitely excited to bring out my jackets and long sleeved shirts. I truly adore the winter weather.

Of course, I haven't been blogging much. Little Lilly has been getting more and more active, that I am starting to lose sleep just to craft! But I don't mind one bit, I'm quite use to the whole "6 hours of sleep" thing since high school. Hahaha =____=;;

I'm excited, this is my first year of being an Etsy seller during the holidays!! I would really loooove to hear tips from you "veterans". Like, when should I start listing Christmas items? Should I even have Christmas or festive items? What should I expect? So on and so forth. I'm quite nervous, and even more nervous that I probably won't sell much! Just like last month in October! I believe that is my slowest month since I re-opened back in July.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween, because I know I did! Although it was cut short on the trick-or-treating because of the kids, I still enjoyed it immensely, celebrating it with my daughter and some dear, close friends. She had a blast, if some of you are wondering. She loved the idea of people giving her candy and having little kids around her that can truly understand her (gosh, how I wish I knew what babies are talking about!).

Before I forget: festive bubble mailers are coming to my shop! These are great to package your items up to your customers! I know I do them and many have complimented on how awesome it is and it makes them feel special. All bubble mailers are cut from scrapbook paper and glued by me. I know I'll be using them, and maybe, it'll be a great idea for you! It's perfect for jewelry, cards, small items... :) Will be up soon!