Tuesday, December 8, 2009

DD's First Craft Show!

Hey everyone! If I haven't talked my ear off about this, you are missing out! December 5th was my first ever craft show! It was held at the Spanish Schoolhouse, something like a daycare place where they teach kids from ages 2-5 Spanish. From looking at the place, it is fairly new and they are trying to get their name out there. In turn, they wanted to hold a Holiday Extravaganza, filled with food, family fun, kids shows, and tables for us artists. There were even some other Etsians that I had the pleasure of meeting! :)

So the morning of the show started a bit crappy, because I reserved a table yet they couldn't give me one. And so, I finally spoke to someone who understand
s more English and she gave me a kids table. At first, I was a bit iffy, but after a while, I grasp the concept of it. I mean, I sell "Japanese" trend things, and it's low where p
eople have to kneel... so hey, it's Japanese-y right? Haha. Sorry, my mind is a bit weird.

Anywho. That's the pic of what my table looks like! Does it look overwhelming? Everyone says it gives them more options and more things to look for! But I felt it's a bit overwhelming... But I guess I can learn when I do more shows whenever I can :)
Also, that's one of my best friend that's covering her face. She definitely doesn't like her picture taken, even if the attention is not to her, HAHA!

The following are the pictures of what I sold at the show. I had to cut down to put in the items I haven't even listed on Etsy yet! So the buyers who got the smores necklaces and the beautiful crystal flower rings are the first to get it! Lucky them.

And these are my little helpers! The one on the left is my little sister, and the one on the right is her best friend. And of course, I made my sis wear a UT Santa hat. Go Longhorns!

Beautiful sign that my sister worked on! Thanks so much <3

And finally, the boxes from behind the table.

All in all, I did pretty well for my first show :) I sold more than I expected, but what's important is getting the shop's name out there! The business cards went out like crazy! I'm glad to hear people are saying what they like and asking questions on the meaning of kawaii. And they seem so into the Japanese culture that I set out! I hope some of the people I met will truly buy online :) Because seriously, they are the best! Especially the little girls! They constantly come over and just gush over the miniatures. The boys will come over and ask if their moms or their girlfriends would like it, hahah. Sooooo cute. Well, I hope to hear from them.

So that's my day! This definitely just makes me want to attend more craft fairs and shows! And I definitely got a feel of it, and know what to do, and NOT to do.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Showing off (Christmas) Items Edition!

Hi everyone!
For those who continue to read my blog posts, I'm glad! I hope I do not bored you all. I know I should update often, but sometimes, I dunno what to blog about or if I'm too busy crafting or just being a mommy.

Since Christmas is coming up, what better way than to post about my Christmas items :D

To keep up with the holidays, I've come up with making some clay goodies for that holidays. If some have checked out my shop in October, I made some cute pumpkins, ghosts, and candy corn! For Christmas, I made some donuts (with the traditional red and green colors), candy canes, holiday pudding... There are more in the works, but I'm still trying to brainstorm for what screams Christmas.
All of these charms are made out of clay, with my two hands! So you know there is lots of love in there. You can get these as earrings, necklaces, rings, or just plain charms!!

For the much more kawaii side, I got some adorable gingerbread houses and cupcakes!! Need I say more? How cute are they?!?! And so sweet... I wanna munch on them :3
I must admit, the cupcakes are somewhat hard to make. I have to ask some experts (like HelloKewpie) on how this thing works, heehee. And it took me forever to find the right size to make these cupcakes as rings! But in the end, it turned out pretty good.
For the gingerbread houses, I've seen around on Etsy several times. To make it different, I mixed and match the whole set. There are even some other pieces that I put that wasn't even in the set.

And as a final note: I take custom orders to make Christmas much more special! Currently, I'm kind of "specializing" in deco'ing cases. So far, I've done some Nintendo DS cases and about to upload an iPhone case soon. I already took two custom orders on deco'ed cases (one for the iPhone, another for the Env Touch). So if you are into deco-den and would like your own case, just drop a message! I would be glad to help you out with that! It can go as low as $20, and as high as $80. But of course, that's an estimate. It might change.

Happy shopping!! Just 37 more days until Christmas!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy November!

Hello everyone! November is upon us and I can feel the cold coming in, literally! Texas is getting freezing cold and I'm definitely excited to bring out my jackets and long sleeved shirts. I truly adore the winter weather.

Of course, I haven't been blogging much. Little Lilly has been getting more and more active, that I am starting to lose sleep just to craft! But I don't mind one bit, I'm quite use to the whole "6 hours of sleep" thing since high school. Hahaha =____=;;

I'm excited, this is my first year of being an Etsy seller during the holidays!! I would really loooove to hear tips from you "veterans". Like, when should I start listing Christmas items? Should I even have Christmas or festive items? What should I expect? So on and so forth. I'm quite nervous, and even more nervous that I probably won't sell much! Just like last month in October! I believe that is my slowest month since I re-opened back in July.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween, because I know I did! Although it was cut short on the trick-or-treating because of the kids, I still enjoyed it immensely, celebrating it with my daughter and some dear, close friends. She had a blast, if some of you are wondering. She loved the idea of people giving her candy and having little kids around her that can truly understand her (gosh, how I wish I knew what babies are talking about!).

Before I forget: festive bubble mailers are coming to my shop! These are great to package your items up to your customers! I know I do them and many have complimented on how awesome it is and it makes them feel special. All bubble mailers are cut from scrapbook paper and glued by me. I know I'll be using them, and maybe, it'll be a great idea for you! It's perfect for jewelry, cards, small items... :) Will be up soon!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lolita and Bodyline Review

You've seen Lolita. You've heard Lolita. But what exactly is Lolita? Here is the definition of Lolita that I got from this Lolita website:

Lolita is a Japanese street fashion inspired primarily by the clothing and general aesthetics of the Rococo and Victorian periods.

Lolita is a lifestyle, to some people. I wish to have a Lolita lifestyle, but with a baby, it's not easy. Especially when you are living in the States and constantly have to buy overseas or you don't live near a Japantown. But anywho, I dreamed of being a Lolita, even if it's for a day. And for that one day, I want to show others how it's not all costume or cosplay like (which is a HUGE no-no to Lolita, more details on that website). So for Halloween, I plan on being a Lolita, staying as true as I can.

But alas, I think I made my first mistake for buying at Bodyline. Hardcore Lolitas are against Bodyline, because of the cheap fabric, copied patterns, and the length of the dress/skirt. I, for one, thought it was cheap, acceptable, and because I am still a beginner, thought it looked good. So here's my review for Bodyline...

I shopped on Saturday (10/17) night, around 8 PM, central time. After placing an order, I thought "Okay, it might arrive just in time for Halloween." On Sunday, I got an email saying it's sent, and is well on it's way. The shipping is provided by DHL, which also has tracking. So throughout Sunday and Monday, I kept a close eye on the tracking. Around 2 AM today, I saw it's in Texas! Wow, fast shipping indeed! I got so excited.

The package came around 2 PM and I jumped with glee. It was carefully packaged, and neatly folded in this bag/package:
And the dress, overall, is adorable and cute! I heard constantly on the net that the fabric Bodyline have is shiny. Upon inspection, it doesn't look shiny. Especially if you are standing far away, or even right next to the person. But if you inspected VERY closely, about an inch away from the fabric, you can see a bit of shine. But isn't that what polyester does? Make fabric shiny? This dress is made out of cotton polyester, which I don't see much shine except from the ribbons.
The dress is one size, which I'll admit, is a bit of a downer, because you don't get to choose your size. But it seemed to fit me perfectly! You can adjust because it's elastic, and the laced ribbons on the back is adjustable, of course. The skit lenght covers well over my knees, which is a HUGE yes for Lolita dresses. So I guess, if you are tall, it wouldn't work. But since I'm short, it's on my side.

Along with the dress, it came with a small hat and apron. I don't plan on wearing the hat, or the apron... Tho the apron made me a bit unsure because it said Alice in Wonderland... If I've known that, I should've gotten blue instead of pink!
Overall, Bodyline is a thumbs-up for me. But if I want to make Lolita as a lifestyle, I guess I wouldn't go there. But wearing this once or twice, I am highly satisfied!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not so little treats!

After some successful months filled with sales, I decided to treat myself into buying some cute and cool memo pads straight from Japan! Where else? Kamio, CruX, Q-Lia.... It's endless! Also, I thought ahead and thinking about getting some Halloween items to... Well, why don't you find out yourself?

First off, I got some Alice in Wonderland memo pads, by Q-Lia. Although, on the front, it says Silhouette of Wonderland... But it is Alice in Wonderland in silhouette. Teehee. Each of the memo pads have about eight different designs. And there are about five kinds of these! Gah! I only chose two, in hopes of savoring them as much as I can.

Next, Kamio fairytale characters! They are so cuuuuute!!! My favorite would have to be Alice in Wonderland, of course. This also features Peter Pan, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, The Three Pigs, Little Mermaid, Wizard of Oz, and Pinocchio. The picture on the side is just the cover, inside has the others I named that you might not see on the cover.

And this cute small one is just a couple of felt animals with sweets! Oh how I wish I bought more, for each memo pads come with two designs...

I thought this is so cool that I didn't even think of what I am going to use it for! Calorie Counter stickers! Each food shaped sticker is named with it's calories. Haha, how funny! I wonder if it's true...
Kamio fairytale stickers. So much loooove.

Finally, the Halloween stickers that I adore!

I spent one hour on grouping them and separating them. Final results?

I wonder who is getting one of these lovely packets? ;)

I am definitely getting more in the future to celebrate some awesome sales I'm getting. So far, October seems to be the slowest month for me. Hope it'll pick up by the holidays for I have awesome ideas! But I won't say anything. ;)

Now off I go to gush over them before little Lilly realize I have more interesting things than her toys. -hides-

Friday, October 9, 2009

Winners of the 100th Sale Giveaway!

Sorry it took so long! D:


1. Deco-den Mirror: princesschibi
2. Custom teacup ring/necklace: gugu
3. 30% off entire purchase plus shipping: CandyChick

Thanks everyone!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oh where are my packages?!

My creativity juices are slowly depleting, and I'm DYING to start crafting again. Last time I updated, I mentioned about my daughter's first birthday. Sadly, I couldn't celebrate it for she had a fever. This definitely made me upset, and I hoped for it to go away. On Thursday, it went away when I took her to an one year checkup (figures!), and they said nothing seem to be wrong, even when I told about the fever. My aunt suspected an incoming tooth, but I have yet to see it... Luckily, it went away on Saturday! Hooray!

Because of the fever, I didn't do much crafting and just stayed by Lilly's side. During that period, I hoped that some packages I order would come in. And none did. This definitely made me wonder if the post have been slacking off. Even items I sent out, people convo me and ask. Luckily, some do receive it within a week within the country, and two weeks internationally.

-Now time for the good news-
Oh, and happy October! :D My grandmother is finally home! This definitely made me happy and giggly. She brought back some yummy California goodies and things! Oh how I miss Cali...

Also, after counting my sales for last month, 40 sales!! Awesome! I think it's a fluke, for this one person bought ten items :D Oh, what a blessing! My goal for this month is 30 items... Don't think I can do it, especially with my lack of supplies AND muse... oh where are you?

Feature!!! Whoohoo!!
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