Thursday, November 19, 2009

Showing off (Christmas) Items Edition!

Hi everyone!
For those who continue to read my blog posts, I'm glad! I hope I do not bored you all. I know I should update often, but sometimes, I dunno what to blog about or if I'm too busy crafting or just being a mommy.

Since Christmas is coming up, what better way than to post about my Christmas items :D

To keep up with the holidays, I've come up with making some clay goodies for that holidays. If some have checked out my shop in October, I made some cute pumpkins, ghosts, and candy corn! For Christmas, I made some donuts (with the traditional red and green colors), candy canes, holiday pudding... There are more in the works, but I'm still trying to brainstorm for what screams Christmas.
All of these charms are made out of clay, with my two hands! So you know there is lots of love in there. You can get these as earrings, necklaces, rings, or just plain charms!!

For the much more kawaii side, I got some adorable gingerbread houses and cupcakes!! Need I say more? How cute are they?!?! And so sweet... I wanna munch on them :3
I must admit, the cupcakes are somewhat hard to make. I have to ask some experts (like HelloKewpie) on how this thing works, heehee. And it took me forever to find the right size to make these cupcakes as rings! But in the end, it turned out pretty good.
For the gingerbread houses, I've seen around on Etsy several times. To make it different, I mixed and match the whole set. There are even some other pieces that I put that wasn't even in the set.

And as a final note: I take custom orders to make Christmas much more special! Currently, I'm kind of "specializing" in deco'ing cases. So far, I've done some Nintendo DS cases and about to upload an iPhone case soon. I already took two custom orders on deco'ed cases (one for the iPhone, another for the Env Touch). So if you are into deco-den and would like your own case, just drop a message! I would be glad to help you out with that! It can go as low as $20, and as high as $80. But of course, that's an estimate. It might change.

Happy shopping!! Just 37 more days until Christmas!!

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