Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oh where are my packages?!

My creativity juices are slowly depleting, and I'm DYING to start crafting again. Last time I updated, I mentioned about my daughter's first birthday. Sadly, I couldn't celebrate it for she had a fever. This definitely made me upset, and I hoped for it to go away. On Thursday, it went away when I took her to an one year checkup (figures!), and they said nothing seem to be wrong, even when I told about the fever. My aunt suspected an incoming tooth, but I have yet to see it... Luckily, it went away on Saturday! Hooray!

Because of the fever, I didn't do much crafting and just stayed by Lilly's side. During that period, I hoped that some packages I order would come in. And none did. This definitely made me wonder if the post have been slacking off. Even items I sent out, people convo me and ask. Luckily, some do receive it within a week within the country, and two weeks internationally.

-Now time for the good news-
Oh, and happy October! :D My grandmother is finally home! This definitely made me happy and giggly. She brought back some yummy California goodies and things! Oh how I miss Cali...

Also, after counting my sales for last month, 40 sales!! Awesome! I think it's a fluke, for this one person bought ten items :D Oh, what a blessing! My goal for this month is 30 items... Don't think I can do it, especially with my lack of supplies AND muse... oh where are you?

Feature!!! Whoohoo!!
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