Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not so little treats!

After some successful months filled with sales, I decided to treat myself into buying some cute and cool memo pads straight from Japan! Where else? Kamio, CruX, Q-Lia.... It's endless! Also, I thought ahead and thinking about getting some Halloween items to... Well, why don't you find out yourself?

First off, I got some Alice in Wonderland memo pads, by Q-Lia. Although, on the front, it says Silhouette of Wonderland... But it is Alice in Wonderland in silhouette. Teehee. Each of the memo pads have about eight different designs. And there are about five kinds of these! Gah! I only chose two, in hopes of savoring them as much as I can.

Next, Kamio fairytale characters! They are so cuuuuute!!! My favorite would have to be Alice in Wonderland, of course. This also features Peter Pan, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, The Three Pigs, Little Mermaid, Wizard of Oz, and Pinocchio. The picture on the side is just the cover, inside has the others I named that you might not see on the cover.

And this cute small one is just a couple of felt animals with sweets! Oh how I wish I bought more, for each memo pads come with two designs...

I thought this is so cool that I didn't even think of what I am going to use it for! Calorie Counter stickers! Each food shaped sticker is named with it's calories. Haha, how funny! I wonder if it's true...
Kamio fairytale stickers. So much loooove.

Finally, the Halloween stickers that I adore!

I spent one hour on grouping them and separating them. Final results?

I wonder who is getting one of these lovely packets? ;)

I am definitely getting more in the future to celebrate some awesome sales I'm getting. So far, October seems to be the slowest month for me. Hope it'll pick up by the holidays for I have awesome ideas! But I won't say anything. ;)

Now off I go to gush over them before little Lilly realize I have more interesting things than her toys. -hides-

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