Friday, June 19, 2009

PayPal confuses me sometimes...

Hello all! Sorry for not updating much (is anyone reading this?)!! This week has been CRAZY. My bf finally got a day off from working from 9 PM - 5 AM, so we went out after his long needed nap. Of course, darling little one was with us, always chattering away. Then, I started ordering more supplies. I'm hoping they will come in soon!! I can't wait to start making the new products for my shop! Btw, all the items in my shop will still be in the "new" one! It'll just be in clearance OR they will go back to their normal price. Hurry and buy if you don't want the prices to go up again!

Anywho, the title is, of course, referring to PayPal. Is anyone having problems with it lately? Or, maybe mine was just a normal process which I was not familiar with. About two days ago, I purchased a BUTTLOAD of supplies from MimiLoLo with my debit card. Lovely seller, btw. I got the free shipping deal, which she refunded IMMEDIATELY. But oddly enough, I didn't get an email about it! So I convo'ed her and she said she did, with proof. I pondered about this for a while, wondering why it isn't showing up. So I checked PayPal and my bank account. Yesterday, still nothing. Finally, this morning, I checked my bank account and there it is!

Sadly, she refunded ALL my money back because we both got scared that the money is floating out of nowhere. So now, I have to purchase EVERYTHING again once I get all my money back. Now, is it to my PayPal account? Or my bank account? =/ Why must all of this be so confusing? I'm just glad I got my refund back. NOW I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!

Anywho. Will be closing shop once I get all my supplies (other than the MimiLoLo stuff)! Can't wait! But no fear! I'll join the chat rooms and updating my blog everything I get an idea. :) The sneak peeks will be here.. maybe.. hmmm...

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