Saturday, June 6, 2009

Twilight inspired necklace, Lolita style mirror, and much more...

I LOVE Thursdays $10 Trade Game. It's because of this that I started to enjoy trading. I never realized the beauty of it until now. Last week on Thursday (5/28), I selected queenjane0 as one of my top four choices. Me, I'm a Twilight fan, yes I am. I read Twilight when it first came out, waaaay before the huge rave. And so, I chose this Twilight Inspired Bella Swarovski Crystal Necklace. It definitely reminded me of Bella! Sadly, I didn't enjoy the Twilight movie... But I am looking forward to New Moon. Yay for Jacob (*ducks from Edward fans*)!! Don't get me wrong, I love Edward. But as of the movie, I think Jacob is waaay hotter (Mike Newton is hawt!).

As of recently, I've been losing motivation on clay-making, but I still continue to make them. Now, I move onto cabochons or cute little plastic objects, dollhouse miniatures, and making them into jewelry (re-ment). As my first start, I made hairclips. A week before that, I ordered online a hand-held mirror from SweetCandyRibbons. It's an Anna Sui medium mirror, black with a rose in the middle. It looks so gorgeous just by itself, but I must decorate it in order to sell it online! Haha. I just can't wait to start on it. :) Along with that, I bought two cute chocolate bar phone charms. So cuuute!! I'm planning on using it for another use, since I realize that iPhones don't have a thing for charms! Unless they do lol! With that purchase, I received some freebies: cabochon roses! Awesome! And a stamp card for the customer rewards program. Definitely going back there soon! Wonderful service and fast shipping! What's better than that?

Also, I'm starting to design a business card, with ShoeBox21 helping me out! More on that later.

Anyone interested in buying a diamond promise ring from me?? Can't seem to sell it.. :(


  1. You said

    "I've been losing motivation on clay-making, but I still continue to make them." Why are you loseing motivation? I as well make my items and use re-ment but I feel that its really yours if you make it, you know. I love your work :) so keep it up ok.

  2. I agree with you it is hard but I find if you go out and do shows they sell better cuz most people have never seen cute mini items but online it seems to be everywhere, try and find free shows to start out and get your confadence bosted up first :)I'm going to one on the 19th and the 20th :) should be good oh cons are always good to set up a table I am not letting you lose hope and it is hard to start I agree

  3. Thank you I am happy you like my 1 ups hehe we can talk about this easyer on msn if you have it my e mail is :)