Friday, July 24, 2009

Featured and Sales!

To the people who won the giveaway: I have not shipped out the prizes yet. I'm waiting to buy some better bubble mailers to ship them off. Sorry and thanks for being patient!

I would love to mention that I'm featured at a blog! Wahooo!! Check out Leakhena's blog, here.

I want to talk about this sale that totally just made my day. Some know, some don't. But to make it short and simple, my boyfriend and I broke up. If you want details, convo me or email me. Since I was still kind of down in the dumps, this sale really made my day. I listed my ooak Hello Kitty pendant necklace, which sold within an hour! Wowie! This made me happy and just jump for joy! Within that hour, I went to the chatrooms and found Leakhena, which I happily told her about my new item. She said "Oh the teacup? Yeah it's cute!" And I'm like "Wait a min.. I'm talking about the- OMG IT'S GONE!" Haha. I'm pretty special :)

I think that's pretty much it. Got some sales and hoping for more! Just wish Lilly would stay asleep for more than an hour, haha!

Happy crafting and selling, everyone! And Happy Weekend!

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