Monday, September 21, 2009

CLOSED-GIVEAWAY ALERT: DD's 100th Sale Giveaway!

Can you believe it? 100 sales?! Thanks everyone for your support and love to this shop. :) So what does 100 sales mean? GIVEAWAY!!

(video shows prizes)

For those who doesn't want to watch the videos, here are the prizes:
1. Deco-den compact mirror (lots of sweets on there)
2. Your own customized tea cup! Can be made into ring or necklace, filled with whipped cream or not!
3. 30% off coupon on your next entire purchase! This includes shipping!

How to Enter:
(you get 8 chances!)
1. Comment on this blog post. You can pretty much say anything! (Although negativity is banned)
2. Follow this blog! If you did, or already are, leave a comment so I can check.
3. Follow me on twitter! (
4. Tweet about this giveaway. If you are already following me, I should be able to see it :)
5. Blog about this giveaway! Leave a comment when you do with the link.
6. Go to my shop ( and pick out your favorite item(s). Then, leave a comment here and tell me what's your fav item! Or, you can give out suggestions :)
7. (2x) Buy from my shop!! This gives you two entries.

Each entry gives you your name into a hat. At the end of the giveaway, I'll draw names for the winners.
The deadline to enter this giveaway is October 4 (10/4) at 11:59 PM. No more entries after that! The day of the announcement of winners is October 6 (10/6).




  1. yayyyy this is a such a fun giveaway, and love the video!

    already following your twitter

    already following your blog

    my favourite item in your shop AT the moment is the strawberry cake!

    tweeting the giveaway now!!!!

  2. hi Ann! Your video is cute :)
    heard about this giveaway from Hollie's twitter. So I started following your blog, and also my fav item from your shop was the bouquets you made for my wedding! They're even in my etsy and blog display picture if you look really close :)

  3. 1. Comment on this blog post. You can pretty much say anything!~> *smeers cookies on her shirt* I love you =^__^=

    2. Follow this blog! If you did, or already are, leave a comment so I can check.~>You know I am!!! :O I am McLovin, the Eevee

    3. Follow me on twitter! (> I am stalking you everywhere! ;3

    4. Tweet about this giveaway. ~> Tweet Tweet ^.^

    5. Blog about this giveaway! ~>

    6. Fave Item~>"Delicious Assorted Nigirizushi Tray Necklace"...I just find it so pretty! I'm not a big sushi fan *hears booing in the background* =___= But DAMN! This is one heck of a fancy way to dine on sushi! It's like escargos were replaced with sushi for a fancy dining! I love the thought of that ^__^ Instead of escargo, have sushi to serve to guests at an elegant ball or gathering :D heehee.

    7. (2x) Buy from my shop!! This gives you two entries.~>I shall soon =]

    Princess Chibi

  4. 1. I love anything kawaii! ^.^

    2. I'm a follower.

    3. Twitter follower (@aikchien)

    4. Tweeted.

    5. Blogged.

    6. I love the Kawaii Hello Kitty Teapot Necklace, the KAWAII Pink Hello Kitty Bow Headband and the Fancy Blue Rose Necklace - Blue and White.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  5. Good Day! Love the vid, loooks soo fun~ wooohooo~ :)

    1. Commenting on the blog NOW!!! HAHAHAA...great prizes to win!!!! hahaha...Wooo~

    2. Am following your blog... ;)

    3. Also on TWEET TWEEET! :)))

    6. and my FAVE ITEM OF ALL TIME IN YOUR STORE IS, this hellooooo kittty pendant...
    OOAK Hello Kitty White Pendant Pink Rhinestone Bling Necklace (B) -

    GUGU from Etsy

  6. 1. What a lovely giveaway and great prizes! And congrats on your 100th sale!

    2. I am a follower.

    6. My favorite item is the Lolita Velvet Heart with Bow Ring.

    Thanks a lot ^^

  7. You have such sweet items! :D

    I love the red strawberry biscuit ring <3

  8. oh and yes I'm followin you on twitter!

  9. I am following your Blog.

  10. 1. I really like what you have made . This is an awesome giveaway . thanks !

    2. I'm now follower on your blog .

    6. I like the tea party necklace , flan earrings , green tea earrings ,yummy green tea cake necklace , all the tea cup rings and really just about all of them .

  11. hehe wonderful I love the idea and happy b day little one!
    so I am already part of your blog and
    here is me posting,
    I love the tea cups!
    I am already following you on twitter and
    I will tween about this right now
    I love the helo kitty stuff but the candy corn is my fav!....

    good luck all and too cute