Thursday, September 10, 2009

So close...!

Hey everyone!

This past week has been filled with lots of happiness and irritation.

IRRITATION: I had a couple of buyers who didn't pay, so I have to cancel their transaction, even after trying to contact them. Then, there are people who haven't pay yet. Seriously, what is up with people buying fruitlessly and not paying? Do they expect us to send the items straight away? Or is it that we will hold onto the items for them? Either way, I'm laying down the law on that. I'm getting quite tired of this.

HAPPINESS: I'm close to 100 sales! I just need ONE more. ONE! That's crazy. I can't believe I'm almost at 100 sales after being on Etsy for about six months. Also, I'm getting lots of reserves and custom listings for buyers. I just hope those who reserve items can pay at the time they said. If not, I'll have to bother them.. again =___=;;

More to that happiness is doing some trades/swaps! Whoohoo! I just entered myself into my first kawaii swap and I'm so excited for that! Also, I made a pretty close friend of my a custom listing, which I'm shipping out to her college in Chicago! What a great idea for a care package :D

So please, help me get that 100th sale! That way, I can reveal the special giveaway!
...Actually, take your time. I still need to decide what to do xD

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