Thursday, July 16, 2009

What Would You Do?

So recently, I purchased these lovely rement pieces that I've been dying to make into rings and necklaces. Today, I went to check out my favs' shops and found out one of them have already done it already!! So... what would you do? Make it a bit different? Just make them the same way? Contact them? (note: I already contacted them and no reply.. yet..)

It's times like this that I feel horrible :(( I was having an awesome week and now it's going down... Is this bad karma? In the beginning of the work, I had lots of sales! I was soo happy!! I was able to spend some of it on supplies. Then, I went to the Harry Potter premiere with some close friends, which we dressed up and whatnot. It was crowded, and we didn't really enjoy sitting near the front, so we plan on dressing up again and going again.

That same night, I lost my memory card. I remembered where I put it last, but it's not there!! I hope it just fell into my friend's bag. At least it's not as bad as losing my camera like I did during after-prom. Today, I lost my promise ring given by my boyfriend. Not good. I nearly cried when I couldn't find it. I was sure it was near my workstation, but it's not. *sigh* I hope it'll turn up. And then the problem of someone already doing what I wanted to do.. but once I checked out on etsy, some already done it. So I don't feel as bad, but really, if I post up the same thing, they'll call me as a copy-catter or "stealing" their ideas. I don't know what to do.

I'm hitting my low point right now... Only Draco Malfoy will cheer me up. Hahah, totally joking. But seriously, he was pretty damn fine in The Half Blood Prince. *drools a bit*

My giveaway is going to end in four days!! Hurry and enter before it's too late!

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