Saturday, August 8, 2009

First Treasury!

I had a horrid night on Friday, just something personal. Yesterday morning, I woke up the usual amount of emails, 15 or so. Some contained etsy conversations while others are Lilly's baby updates and something I subscribed to (B&N, Borders, american eagle, etc). As I read one of the Etsy convos, I saw two links. I was so curious, I clicked on it. And I realized it led me to a treasury.

I'm in it! Oh my goodness!!! After months of wondering when will be my time (I estimated two years), it happened!! Yaaaaaay!!! Check out the treasury here: Not too SHABBY.

In other news, I received some lovely supplies in the mail on Friday. That's right, it's those Alice in Wonderland themed tea cup set!! I ordered 5 of them. This is one of the few times that I LOVE ebay to death. Shocking, I know. So keep an eye out for a variety of ways for these lovely teacups and pendants!

(For more info on this personal life of boys, just convo me or catch me on chat...)

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