Thursday, August 6, 2009

Motivation and Ideas

For the past few days, I've been stuck. Stuck at the point where I can't make things. Sure, I can just glue the ring base onto a plastic piece, but I couldn't even do that! What was going on?

Then the sales started to came in, which made me happy. But sadly, I didn't seem TOO excited. So I packaged them up and sent them to their destination. Then, my cousin came from CA to pick up my grandmother. While she was here, I took a break to think and gather my thoughts. And it helped! I guess I needed rest and just spend some quality time with the family. Now, my grandmother is gone and so is my cousin.. And the creativity juices are flowing in.

With that being said, sales are great!! I'm so glad people are liking my items and things are looking up! But seriously people, PLEASE PAY WHEN YOU BUY. Or at least contact the seller if you need more time. It irks me. I hope they know my policy on purchasing my items. =/

I'm thinking my goal for this month will be reached. That's what I hope for! Supplies are in and I've been sewing! Also, a new shop might open! Or maybe I'll tack it in with the current shop of Destination Design? Suggestions? The new idea has to do with baked goods (for the holidays! And other occasions if it goes well!).

Also, thank you, Damonique, for putting up the review of the blue rose ring! :D That's so kind of you!! I'm so glad you enjoy it greatly! And of course, I can try and give a matching necklace and earrings! If you are interested, please let me know!


-5 sales
-11 more hearts to 450

Looking good... :D

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  1. I say keep it in the same store! :[ I like the title of your shop already :S omg! sewing! I'm curious now and just wanna sneak into your house to see xD