Saturday, August 1, 2009

Goals for August

Happy August everyone! :D I'm having a good feeling about this month.. I think it's going to be a good one. I'm feeling a bit excited too, and a bit anxious: little Lilly will be one soon! Ahhh! I now know what other mommies have been raving about "Children grow up too fast". Such a new perspective for me.

Alright, after having sooo many sales lately (to me, more than 10 in the past week is amazing for me haha), I've decided to make a goal for each month, and YOU guys get amazing deals if the goal is reached! How cool is that?

So I'm going to start out small. For this month of August, the goal is:

-15 sales
-have a total of 450 hearts

BOTH GOALS HAVE TO BE REACHED. If the goals are reached, there will be a buy one, get one FREE sales in September!

What do you guys think? Looks like I'll be the busy one :D

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